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Imagen de mStart
Approval level: 80%
Updated : 2011-11-07
Downloads this week: 0
Times recommended: 1
Category: Windows Tools
SubCategory: Theme Xp
Type: Freeware
Size: 929kb.
Language: Program in English or Multilanguage   

"Change the Start menu of Windows 7 for the look of Windows 8."

If you like your PC to always be up to date, and are curious about how Windows 8 will look, then get mStart. mStart is a simple application which modifies the look of the Start menu of your operating system for that of the new Windows 8.

But that's not all, because apart from modifying the Windows Start menu, mStart offers you the chance to change the look for one you like. This way you can modify the background colour, its transparency, icons and appearance. But don't worry, because to modify it you don't need any IT knowledge. Just access the program configuration menu, and you'll have everything done in a few clicks.

mStart needs no installation. Just decompress the ZIP file and extract the content to access the TextBar icon you need to enter. If you want a more modern and elegant look to your PC, that of Windows 8, then have no doubts and get mStart now.

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